Glass Options

HERRERO by AMIGHINI offers improved energy performance insultated glass utilizing warm-edge spacer technology. This glass is a dual seal system that utilizes a high-performance acrylic adhesive that helps reduce thermal conductivity.


  • Thicker: 1 1/8”overall glass thickness on dual-glaze.
  • High performance composite spacer, matte dark, bronze finish.
  • Improved sound absorption.
  • High wind load resistance.
  • Improved energy performance.
  • Available in TDL (true-divided-light) or SDL (simulated devided light) options.
5mm+6A+5mm Aquatex
5mm+6A+5mm Water Ripple
5mm+6A+5mm Flemish
5mm+6A+5mm Frosted
5mm+6A+5mm Reed
5mm+6A+5mm Watercube
5mm+6A+5mm Grey
5mm+6A+5mm Rain
5mm+6A+5mm Clear

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