The steel bottom rolling sliding door runs on the floor track and is equipped with brush weather strips. These doors put the weight on the rollers at the bottom of the skateboard. Since there are no steps or metal thresholds, the steel bottom roller sliding door is an excellent choice for extending the interior finish under the door to achieve a seamless transition from the inside to the outside.


The door system is located on the floor track and is equipped with brush weather strips. When you don't want to hang the door weight on your head, bottom rolling is ideal, which is a benefit for renovation projects where the ceiling cannot be designed for the top suspended load. The wheels slide on our zero transition floor track and have a continuous drainage device, so they can be installed without reducing the appearance. Without steps or metal window sills, interior and exterior finishes can extend under the door and enhance the visual flow from indoor to outdoor. The transition is subtle and tempting.


Our sliding and multi sliding doors are the contemporary solution for opening large glass doors, occupying the minimum and essential space in your design. The excellent quality of the system allows the door to slide easily to multiple panels. We also have the option of hiding the panels on the wall, practically like this, the feeling of opening the door.


  • After pressing the button or closing the door by sliding the door against the jamb, the latch bolt will retract and release: the door will automatically latch regardless of whether the door latch is extended or retracted. When the door hits the frame, the latch protrudes and latches.
  • The function of the latch bolt when projecting is similar to pulling the edge.
  • Deadbolt can be used for lockout/extra security.
  • Single action exit, unlock and slide the door at one time.

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