Door Hardware (category 2)

We are pleased to work with Rocky Mountain, which through craftsmanship meets our international quality standards and makes hardware the perfect choice for projects where details are crucial.

Together with Emtek we are dedicated to helping bring your personal style to life. The hardware of the door is more than a way to open, close and secure a space. For us, it is an integral part of the design theme of a room.

The wide variety of architectural designs, decorative and inspired in the period led us to associate with Gruppo Romi, giving the client a totally sophisticated design that gives quality in the details.

Door Hardware (category 1)

We choose Hoppe's HLS® 9000 stainless steel multipoint locking system that prevents unwanted intrusion of rust and corrosion, as well as providing safety. Experience has shown that they are some of the most reliable and corrosion-resistant multipoint locks on the market, even in these coastal environments. The HLS ® lifetime warranty proves this.

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